Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Being to Keep Up!

I am going to add writing to my being.  When thinking about starting to "slice" on Tuesdays,  I thought I would  "add writing to my habits" and then STOPPED.  Is habit a negative term?  It can be, but it can also be positive.  But I thought is it a habit I want to add?

And so I thought of some traits I might have that are habits.

When teaching there are times that I will say, "We kinda need to do this."  I know when I hear that come out of my mouth, I am announcing something that many students will not want to do or may have trouble understanding.   And so I struggle with giving the task and so I say "kinda".  College students just want to know  what to do, when it is due, and what I expect.  This frustrates me and so...I will say "kinda" when I know or think I will meet resistance.  But as soon as I hear it come out of my mouth, I know I am sending the wrong message (there truly is no "kinda" about it).  I am working hard to break this habit...because I feel it is a "bad" habit.  I shouldn't care if they resist it or if it challenges them (I should HOPE to always challenge them). (To be honest, when I catch myself saying it, I will stop and say "This is an example of bad teaching." and then explain why).

When I go outside and run, something I try to do daily, I feel that I have a "good" habit.  So when deciding to write each Tuesday  I first thought this is a "good" habit I am starting.

But when thinking of something as a habit, I want the writing habit to be something more...and so I decided it will be part of my being.

And so cheers to me for being a writer and part of a community of writers!  


  1. You are being a writer, look where your thinking went in this post. Habits are not inherently bad or good, they are simply things we do without having to think too deeply. You do think deeply, writing is the act of the day.

  2. Part of your being - I like that.

  3. I think of habits as a way of being the best I can be. So happy to see you making writer a part of your being