Monday, March 26, 2012

Appreciation of Spring

This year spring has arrived early it seems all over the United States.  To me, each spring leaves me amazed.  I am amazed because spring is a wonder to me.  I always pause and am amazed how spring appears.

My childhood was plagued with allergies.  The type of allergies that restricted my eating, my playing outside, my health.  During the spring I was indoor all the times.  During my kindergarten through second grade years, I rarely made it through a full day of school and many spring weekends my parents found themselves taking me to the hospital.  I know at the time it would have been rough on me but to be honest it is all a faded memory except when the leaves begin to appear on the trees.

When the buds come out on the trees and the leaves begin to grow and unfold, I stop and pause.  I am thrilled to see this happen.  It amazes me that not all trees bloom the same way and that so many have color first before the leaves come out.  During my childhood springs, I was too ill to see the unfolding in front of me.  Once everything had bloomed, I would feel better and be allowed to play outside once again.  I have told friends about how the blossoming of spring amazes me and I can tell it is hard for them to understand.

Do I feel sad because I missed this part of my childhood or do I feel special because it is one thing I still meet with childhood wonder?  I must admit I feel special because I am filled with awe at the splendor of a new season!   (And yes, the allergies still are a nuisance but are controllable)


  1. It is wonderful that you can enjoy the wonder and beauty of Spring now - especially since you can also experience this glorious season through the eyes of your grandchildren. Good thing that we have better meds these days to help with allergies!

  2. There is nothing like the season of spring. Glad you can now appreciate it more fully. I would go with feeling special because a lot of adults don't really pay attention. It's just a step toward summer. Enjoy.

  3. I too, am amazed each spring as the life is reborn in the plants. It is fun to see the trees and how different each one opens up.