Saturday, March 10, 2012

No Alarm Clock

Today is a no alarm clock morning.  A rarity for me...a once in six months type of experience.  When I climbed into bed last night, I anticipated the "no alarm clock" beginning of the day.  I was thrilled.

My night's sleep was okay, waking up twice and yet knowing that nothing would disturb my morning's slumber.  I knew I would wake slowly with the sun high in the sky and the birds chirping happily.

Then it seemed out of nowhere,  a noise began arousing me out of peaceful slumber.  I awoke wondering what the foreign noise was.  The sun was up but barely and as the fog lifted from my sleepy head, I realized it was a cell phone ringing, I knew I must answer it.  It could be important and so I did.

It was a wrong number.

Oh well, I got up, fixed coffee, and began reading the paper.  There will be another "no alarm clock" morning one of these days.


  1. That is so sad. I posted about mornings today too. I feel your pain as I silently curse the person that accidentally called you so early. I hope your day goes well despite your lack of extra sleep.

  2. Everyone needs a no alarm clock day - even if we wake up anyway due to habit (or cellphones!), there's still something delicious about taking one's time and not having to do things at warp speed.

  3. Oh, so disappointing! Yes, there will be other days, but you were so looking forward to it...make sure you turn your ringer off next time! :)