Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slice of Life Challenge

The Slice of Life Challenge has provided me with an opportunity.  One that I should have taken and could have taken but never did.  An opportunity to write...but then my internal critic would ask about what---and--- why--- and---who would care.  But once I started on March 1,  I have found I am able to come up with ideas.  I love people reading my posts, but I have found this experience is truly for me.  I am loving it!

I have spent most of my adult life encouraging, prodding, expecting my students from first grade through college to express themselves in writing.  Presently with my college students, I expose them to research, I have them read articles about the writing process and articles on how writing impacts students' lives, I have them read a textbook that they must react to while writing their children's book, I make them write a story to be published, I make them read their story and do an activity to engage their peers in their story.  I make them write, write, write; and I insist they write stories that matter to them.

And yet until now, I haven't taken the time to write for myself.  I write A LOT but not for myself.  I usually say at some point and time in the semester in a whispered tone, "I am going to start writing each day in a journal."  I haven't gotten that done.  But this March I started writing taking on the Slice of Life Challenge.  And what a rush it has been for me!

The benefits to me are endless.  I am enjoying thinking, writing, reading, thinking, writing, reading, etc.  I also find that my college students are benefiting.  And why shouldn't they?  It is proven that those that "do" can teach better and with more understanding.  Again something I have said over and over to my college students and now when I say it I have more credibility.

The Slice of Life Challenge is getting close to the halfway mark...I can't imagine the loneliness I will feel once this experience ends.  So I choose not to imagine it but to continue to enjoy!  Thanks for the platform.  This is a great experience for me!


  1. I totally hear you. I'm not sure why I chose to participate this year but I am so glad I did. Somehow it is easier knowing there are people out there listening to you!

  2. Oh, but it doesn't end. It just goes at a slower pace. Tuesdays become the best day of the week. Don't leave April 1, just take a 3 day break and come back. I'll be here and many more. I'm glad you said your students are also benefiting from you doing this.

  3. I'm glad this was the push you needed to really write! I agree with elsie -- please stay for Tuesday slices the rest of the year! It's the same inspiring, encouraging community without the pressure of writing every day. :-)

  4. First, listen to Elsie. It's a nice easy journey all year long. Second, Thanks for stopping at my blog. I wanted to tell you I lived in KC from middle school until college then came back & lived at one of the lake communities with my husband for a few years. Most of my family is in mid-MO or KC area, & my early days were near Boonville. And then, I liked the way you are processing the writing for yourself and how good it is for you, & then your students. How great for you! I'll look for your next post!

  5. Now that you've begun, you'll find that you don't WANT it to end...the Tuesday slicing is very different, I feel. You have the time to mull over your notebook jottings and the pace lends itself to a deeper kind of writing. now that you are here, I hope you'll stay!

  6. "those that "do" can teach better and with more understanding" ... a great line. Congratulations on taking this step for yourself. I am so happy for you that it is proving so beneficial.