Monday, March 5, 2012

For a reason I can't explain but embarrasses me, I have been scared to write my whole life.  As a teacher for 35 years in grades 1st-college, one would think I would not have this fear.  I should be overconfident in my ability and skills.  I have also spent most of those 35 years encouraging others to express themselves through writing.  I used writing notebooks each day in my class writing along side my students.  I used writing workshops to allow my students the experience of joy and growth of writing and sharing.  I developed a college course solely around the idea of examining one's own writing and closely looking at how to encourage a writing community.
 Now I am writing  a blog and each day I wonder will someone read what I have written.  As I begin writing today, I think of my son.  He is 23 years old and for the last year and a half has written everyday in a journal. As a parent and a teacher, I am amazed and filled with pride.  There have been times he has read an idea or entry to me from his journal but it is infrequent.    As it rests on the dining room table, I have looked at it with wonder and awe...but I never peek inside.  He is writing in a bound book that one day someone from a younger generation will pick up and read his thoughts, dreams, and ideas.  I know he is not doing that for the purpose of having some future generation read it but to me that is what he is doing leaving his legacy---his most precious thoughts...I wonder will my blog posts be a legacy...I am beginning to think on April 1 I should follow my son's path...write in a journal each day.  But I must remember it is for me and not as a legacy.  It is the legacy part that is scary and I think has held me back!


  1. Writing is for yourself as much as for anyone else. The legacy is the life that inspires the writing. Let the words flow. Have fun with it!

  2. Wow, I never thought of it that way really (as a legacy). That is quite frightening and a lot of pressure. ;) In an age where we push send a little too quickly on everything, it may be good for me to reflect a little more on the idea of legacy. Maybe a balance between the idea of legacy and writing for yourself?

    1. I agree --- a balance is what I should focus on --- but a balance in anything can always be tricky for me. Thank you for the comment. I have thought a lot about a written legacy and I appreciate you commenting.