Friday, March 2, 2012

Slice of Life # 2 Giggles

This morning I am thinking about giggles.  As an adult I spend a lot of time each day smiling.  Smiling to greet someone, smiling at what someone says in the classroom, smiling at my family and friends and hopefully laughing some each day, but rarely giggling.  My three year old granddaughter makes me remember giggles.  The type of giggles that sound so amazing and the type that after awhile hurts.  There are times when my granddaughter will ask me to tickle her and when I do I am transported back to a time when I can recall the belly laughs that made me giggle.  I cherish the memory of those giggles and I relish in the sound of her giggles.  I remember and celebrate.  Maybe I will have an opportunity to giggle a little today.  If not, I think a visit to my granddaughter will be a part of my day.


  1. Seney, I think as adults we have forgotten the pure joy that children find that is expressed in these giggles. They live in the moment, don't they? I know I'm always rushing around needing to get this or that done and forgetting to "celebrate." Thank you for making me remember giggling is good for the soul!

  2. Sounds like you are making many memories with your granddaughter. Giggles are featured in some of my favorite memories growing up.

  3. It's true - what do we giggle about as adults? I wrote about giggling on my other blog recently - and it a treat to have them visit once in a while!