Saturday, March 3, 2012

Today is ahead of me and the anticipation of it is waiting for me. It is Saturday and it holds a different rhythm for me than Monday through Friday. Coffee this morning with my husband will be slower. No rushing to fill up my cup one more time before heading out the door. I will read the newspaper although I will fill some emptiness since I will find little value or substance in the words it holds. I will check the news sources on my phone once I finish the paper, even checking Facebook for news of those that wish to post "their" status. I will go outside and run today, a run that is more leisurely since I am not trying to fit it in after work and before the rest the day's events. Because it is March and the month of March Madness, I will watch as many college basketball games as I can squeeze in --- watching and cheering on my favorite teams. My husband and I will go out with old college friends tonight. Friends we were close with many years ago and then family and jobs came along and we drifted apart. The children have grown up and all are working (within the last couple of months) and we have re-connected. The time we spend together is rich and enjoyable. And then the day will be done...a day with a different rhythm, a different feel, a day I count on to fit with all the other days of my week. I love the rhythm of my life!


  1. I too love the rhythm of a Saturday. You described the pace in a lovely way.