Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Gorgeous Day in More than One Way!

Today has been about family.  
My daughter called and asked if we wanted to meet her and the kids at the pond.  
How could we say no?  Even if our list of things to do seems to get longer and longer.  After all tomorrow is another work day.
And so what did we do?  
We fed the ducks and shooed the geese.  We crawled and walked around the green grass.  We smelled flowers.  We looked for frogs and found one hiding.  We saw millions of tadpoles.  We discovered a snake that we just quickly peered at.  We sat on rocks. We threw rocks. We dangled our feet. 
We ate peanut and jelly sandwiches. We drank water.  
We wandered and wandered and wandered.  We sat and hugged.  We sat and talked.
We savored the outdoors and each others' company.
We each went to our own homes --- richer, happier...and yes, with the list that will be waiting for another day.  


  1. Now, that's what I call a perfect day! Everything else can wait for lucrky to be so close to kids AND grandkids!

  2. What a blissful day! And you described it so well. I felt that I was right there with you and the grandkids and the whole animal kingdom - the ducks, geese, frogs, tadpoles, and even the snake. So glad you could savor the outdoors today!